Friday, 31 January 2014

Janathon is completed! Long live Janathon!

Ah, the end of January arrives and with it the relief that I have finished Janathon uninjured* and no longer need to blog daily.

*Slight niggles in my right knee, right glute, and left hamstring.

Today I did a tempo run of around 5.5 miles, the Strava segment run as I call it. Not quite 6 miles because my Garmin wouldn't pick up a signal for a while, and I had to go to the Co-op on the way home. But, a good run to end the month. I got a Course Record on one segment (yes OK, a female CR, but it still counts) and came 2nd on the other. If I'd eaten a proper breakfast and not had leg woe, who knows what I'd have managed?

Here's a summary of what I did this month:

Running: 135.5 miles (218 km) [19 days]
Cycling: 11 miles (18 km) [2 days]
Swimming: 0.9 miles (1.4 km) [2 days]
Walking: 3 miles (5 km) [3 days]
Cross-training: 3 Pilates classes; 2 Circuit Training sessions; 5 home workouts, including Tabata, hula hooping, or squats (9 days)

Weight lost: 10 lb (10 st 4 lb on Jan 1; 9 st 8 lb on Jan 31)

Biscuits eaten: loads
Cakes baked: several
Chocolate scoffed: too much
Soreen purchased: 5 packets

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