Thursday, 16 January 2014

Halfway day! Janathon day 16

Woooo! I made it to the halfway point. I'm legally allowed to count doing the Big Tesco Shop and "vigorous cleaning" for Janathon now.

Tonight I ran 8 miles with running club, 0.6 miles to and from club, 2.5 miles with beginners, and 5 miles with intermediates.

For beginners, I ran to club and then forgot to stop my watch. Pete said we should run out towards Fairfield Park for 16 minutes and then run back in 14 minutes, ie, a progressive run. Everyone set off, and they were running really slowly. I frankly decided they were taking the p155 (my watch said we were running 16 min/mile), so I yelled at the group "to get a blinking move on".

And then I remembered the run to club and the fact I'd left my watch running... Clicked the lap button and saw we were really running at 11:30s, which frankly is taking the p155 for that group anyway, so my shouting was justified.

We made it to the Fairfield gym roundabout and turned for home, and everyone sped up! I felt quite proud of them all. And we got back with 30 seconds to spare on the 14 minutes (Ed reckons I messed up the timing but I blame him for not timing it himself) ;-)

Inters was me and Ed leading because Pete finally decided to recover from his marathon yesterday. We decided to run up towards Wilbury Hills roundabouts, three differently paced groups running 5 miles and one group running 4 miles. Very happy to see Michelle at intermediates for the second time. The move up to intermediates from beginners can be daunting but it is definitely worth it. We are all much nicer at inters and you get the fun of running for almost an hour instead of just 30 minutes.

My 5 miles was marred by stomach woe from miles 3 to 4. Too many biscuits! And possibly some dodgy food yesterday. Anyway, I had a horrible stitch, which ran from my pelvis up to my shoulder. It finally shifted by the time we got to Stotfold. Marvellous.

Two "rest days" then it's race day on Sunday (not Saturday, Sunday).

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