Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Today is (im)Proper Noun Day: 14th Day of Janathon

About lunchtime today, I attempted to walk downstairs but nearly fell all the way. I'm suffering from Post-Circuit Leg Pain And Wobbliness, and my thighs REALLY HURT. They hurt so much that I almost considered not going running tonight. But I'd agreed to take the Intermediate Group because Pete (Head Coach Man) is running a marathon tomorrow and is on half a day taper. (Also, I was looking forward to going to Club.)

We have so many people at our Beginners Group now that we had to split into three groups for safety. Pete took our new starters on a run-walk, I took our "slower" group on a 2.5 mile non-stop run, and Ed (Other Helper Bloke) took the Group Who Should Really Bite The Bullet And Come To Intermediates on a speedy 3 mile run. My group had a good run but we were on schedule to finish 5 minutes early, so I made everyone run an extra half a mile. At least it wasn't Speedwork ladies and gents ;-)

For intermediates I was designated Woman In Charge but couldn't decide what to do (I quite fancied 1 km intervals but was a bit scared to suggest it). Ed said we could run a 4-mile loop to Arlesey, so we grouped together and I pushed the pace at the front to turn the run into a sort of tempo run (managed miles of 8:30 and 8:45 min; pleased with that because they felt comfortable too). Thanks to Ann (New Helper Lady) for keeping track at the back.

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