Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week 12 training plan

I've been getting excited about MK Marathon this week, because the organisers have released the route map and posted a picture of the medal. This week, a club friend offered to give me a lift to the race with another runner, so I'm glad to get that sorted out. I'm starting to feel ready, even though I still have two 20 mile runs to do in March...

MK marathon finishers' medal

Last week...

My legs felt a touch stiff around the hips on Monday, a hangover from the Folksworth 15 race, but I went to circuit training regardless (I ran there from school, about three-quarters of a mile). My arms seemed to be weaker than my legs, must be all the arm pumping I was doing during the race to get up the hills. 

On Tuesday I went to beginners running club, and took the faster beginners on a 2.5 mile run that included hill sprints. They weren't all that happy. Pilates afterwards was blinking hard on my legs and abs, which is a good thing I know, but knees shouldn't BURN.

I skipped my Wednesday tempo run and went swimming instead, my first session of 2014. Very enjoyable, and I managed to swim 800m.

At running club on Thursday I ran-walked 2 miles with some new beginners, then ran a fast 6 miles with intermediates, ending with a negative split :) With my tempo run for the week out of the way, I just ran a mile before school pick up on Friday, for Janathon. 

Saturday was supposed to be a rest day, but with half an eye on the weather forecast all week, I decided I'd rather run on Saturday when the weather was more likely to be dry. A friend messaged me to see if I had plans, and I arranged for a few others to join us for 12 miles around Letchworth. I carried on alone at the end for another 4, which were slow and painful and included walking. I have assessed why this happened since the run, and I can put it down to two things: (1) I was still recovering from Folksworth last weekend so I should have run the first 12 miles much slower; and (2) my diet was pretty rubbish all week (too many biscuits, not enough beetroot!). Lessons learnt, and next weekend's run will be at a slower pace. A friend has offered to come with me for a "time on his feet" training run. Which means he knows I'm going to take FOR AGES. LOL

Today was a rest day, and I had nothing planned really, other than my plank and possibly some hula hooping. But my knee was "clicking" and a bit sore this morning, so I was thinking I really needed to cycle or do some Pilates. The weather cleared up at about 4pm, so I got my bike out for a quick half hour ride around Astwick village. 

Next week's training plan...

Monday (Week 12)
Core workout at home (probably a Jillian Michaels DVD)

Running club (PM); a 2 mile run or speedwork


Swimming (PM)

Running club (PM)

Interval run (AM); 6 mile run with 0.25 mile alternate fast/slow

NHRR First Saturday 5K (not 100% sure that I'll do this race this month, I might go for a bike ride instead)

17 mile long run, SLOW!

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