Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I really don't like swimming: day 29 of Janathon

I really don't like swimming.

  • I don't like getting changed
  • I dislike people seeing me in my swimsuit (I have "issues", which probably stem from my fat days. I also find it hard to get over being seen almost naked in public...)
  • I really don't enjoy getting into the pool for the first time when it's all cold
  • I think bad thoughts about other people who get in my way and/or swim with their head out of the water to keep their hair dry
  • I have a "thing" about other people's hair/floating plasters/potential wee/skin flakes/verrucas/other unpleasantness 
  • And I detest getting dry and dressed again! 
So goodness knows why I bother swimming at all, or sending my kids to their potential doom.

Anyway, I swam today, about 600 m. I lost count of lengths at 20 and just kept saying 20 to myself at each end. Stupid brain. I swam for 20 minutes though, at my usual pace, which I reckon is nearer 800 m but I'll round down.

I was kicked in the face twice by a small boy who was trying to swim alongside his much faster dad. I tried to cut under him and he decided to change lanes to where I was swimming. Needless to say, I gave him a bit of an earful the second time and told him to make his mind up where he was swimming.

I need a bath in Dettol now.


  1. I feel a bit like this about swimming. And also when you get dry, the floor is always soaked! So annoying because then the end of your trousers get wet.

    1. I try to remember to roll up my trousers before I take them off *top tip* :)

  2. Those are all the reasons why I don't like swimming, but I keep thinking I should go, it's good excercise. Maybe I will pluck up courage one day.

    1. You're lucky, you can walk to Harwood Baths, and go in the morning when children are at school. You should definitely be brave and try it!

  3. Think bad thoughts - that, exactly!