Thursday, 2 January 2014

Mud glorious mud: Janathon day 2

After I wrote yesterday's blog I remembered that I wanted to restart my daily plank. Unfortunately I remembered at 11:00 pm, as I lay in bed. So I had to get up to do it! This morning it was done and dusted by 11 am.

At about 3:30 pm today I'd had enough of staring at my laptop but not doing any work and decided to take my kids out for a walk around our local nature reserve. They were overjoyed and full of enthusiasm* at the idea. Because of all the rain I said we should definitely wear our wellies, and I wasn't wrong. Mud everywhere, and it was so deep it was coming over our feet. Lovely and squelchy. Although I discovered I have a hole in my wellies, so not all that good really. Anyway, we made our way noisily around the nature reserve (my kids don't do quiet) and saw lots of ducks and a couple of swans, and tried not to laugh at the people with their new walking shoes on trying to tiptoe around the mud.

Stotfold Watermill, viewed from the Mill Meadows Nature Reserve
*They moaned for the whole hour we were out.

This evening I ran with Stotfold Runners. The first 2 miles I ran on my own to test out my new headtorch on a local unlit lane (I have an LED Lenser H7R; it's superb, although I look like a minion when I wear it), then I ran another 2 miles with the club's beginners group, leading the way and shouting out hazards for the group following to avoid.

For the intermediate group run, I ran with some friends and hoped it would be a 5 mile plod, but it turned into a progressive tempo run. Oh well! We did an out and back route and the out lap was run at about 9:30 pace but the return leg was much faster (I was trying to catch someone in front of me). I definitely ran an 8:20 mile because I remember checking my watch. It was mainly downhill though ;-)


  1. Look like a minion - LOL!

  2. Kids. Gotta love 'em. makes it a lot easier anyway.

    Oohs lovely, by the way.

  3. Lovely pic :-) Great run too

  4. Why is it kids moan on a walk?