Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 21 in the Janathon challenge: and Sarah begins to repeat herself as she attends Pilates and running club yet again

I wonder whether anyone would notice if I copied and pasted my Janathon post from 2 Tuesdays ago. Because nothing has changed, I went to running club (beginners) followed by a dash to Pilates to stretch my legs and back.

At running club I took the "faster beginners" to Hitchin Road underpass to do hill sprints. It's the first time some people had done this session, but everyone did well. I shouted at everyone about technique, but otherwise they all got off fairly lightly.

Pilates was hard on legs and abs. As I went into the class I met my friends coming out who told me how hard they'd worked and warned me that the instructor was being a bit mean. They weren't wrong! Lots of leg stretches that worked the abs, side lying leg raises that made my knees and thighs burn, and  ab curl ups and roll downs. And "lovely stretches" that weren't lovely at all.

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