Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cycling and swimming goals: Janathon day 18

I've not just set myself running goals for 2014, I've also decided to challenge myself by setting cycling and swimming goals too. After I had to stop running for a month last year because of injury, I took up swimming and cycling, and eventually took part in my first multi-sport event (the Duck N Dash aquathlon). I want to continue cycling and swimming because they complement running well.

So this year I want to cycle 100 miles and swim 5 miles. Both targets are fairly low, but are based on last year's totals of 84 miles cycled and 2.5 miles swum. I don't want to put myself off with an unachievable goal! if I can beat last year's totals I will be happy. Also, they need to be achievable considering I run mostly and don't like cycling or swimming very much!

Today, I cycled 6.3 miles, nothing too strenuous, but I wanted to get my bike out and just see how I got on. I didn't work too hard, just enough to get round and home in about 30 minutes (I was slightly over that at 35 minutes, but I had to wait for about 3 minutes for a long wheelbase transit to make a 7-point turn manoeuvre on a country lane. Despite getting chilled while waiting, it was quite entertaining.

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  1. Good work - I have similar cycling/swimming goals.