Monday, 6 January 2014

End of the holidays: Janathon day 6

I was planning to take my children along to circuit training this morning, but the class was cancelled. Instead, I took them out for a walk in the morning, as soon as the weather improved.

They've not been out on their scooters since school finished in December, so we dusted them off to check they're still working OK before they go back to school tomorrow. Also, letting them scoot while I walk means they don't moan half as much as usual about having to go outside and walk somewhere.

We walked along the Kingfisher Path, which passes alongside where we live, until we got to Stotfold Mill, then carried on along the lane. There were lots of puddles to avoid, and plenty of mud, but they were very careful to avoid getting dirty/told off.

As we scooted/walked along, I was testing them on road signs. The one for humpback bridge took a while longer than expected for them to get. I was even pointing at the bridge and saying "what's that?"!

We walked home past their school, and I think they're ready to go back tomorrow! Both made sort of whining noises to go in. They've been really quiet this holiday, playing on their computers or reading alone, that I've not seen them much (useful for work). So it's been quite nice to get out during Janathon with them, if only a couple of times for an hour at a time, to spend time together and for them to get some fresh air.

I'm on day 6 of plank-a-day now too, starting on 1 minute full planks, but only managing 45 second(ish) ones for the past 2 days. Please to say I managed a full minute this lunchtime.

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