Sunday, 12 January 2014

MK marathon: week 10 training plan

Last week's plan...

My plan to go to circuits on Monday went awry when the class was cancelled. I had a short walk with the kids for Janathon, and that was supposed to be it for the day, but in the evening I ate too much tea so went out late for an indigestion-riddled interval session. When I set out, my idea was to run 5 miles, with an easy 3 up to Letchworth and then a fast mile back, with a mile to cool down. But the rain started and I began to get a bit peed off that it always seems to rain when I go out running! So I headed to a local underpass for an interval session, sprinting hard up the slopes and recovering down. Managed four full circuits of the underpass, which was a mile in total, then meandered home while keeping HR under 140.  

I ran with beginners club on Tuesday evening (2.4 miles), then had my first Pilates class of the New Year. That was pretty tough; forget the 24 press-ups, I was struggling just to do a spine twist.

On Wednesday, I'd planned a 5-mile tempo run with alternate miles fast/slow, but decided to do an easy run off-road (HR <140 bpm) because of the unplanned Monday interval session. The fields were very muddy and flooded in places, so the run was quite slow and hard-going. And hilly. But I did enjoy it.

I was looking to run 8 miles on Thursday, and managed 7 in total. I ran-walked 2 miles with beginners running club and then a 5 mile progressive run with intermediates that left me feeling fantastic. And I finally set a fast mile for my January Run Damo challenge (my friend Damian has set up an FB running group and he sets us monthly challenges). The idea is to set a fast mile at the beginning of the month and then try to beat it at the end of the month. My time to beat is 7:59.

Friday was a scheduled rest day, and I did a 30 minute power walk after school drop-off to count for Janathon.

On Saturday I ran 14 miles in the morning, instead of doing it on Sunday, just because it fit in with plans better. Sunday was then a rest day, and I did some squats. I've also passed my Jantastic weekly run target of four. I don't get extra points for overachieving though :(

Next week's training plan...

 (Week 10)
Circuits (AM)

Running club (PM); a 2 mile run or speedwork, followed by intermediate club (skipping Pilates this week, tut tut!)

Tempo run (AM); 6 mile Strava segment run 

Running club (PM); plan says 8.5 miles, will do whatever everyone wants to do

Rest day (or Tabata workout)

Rest day

RACE! Folksworth 15

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