Monday, 20 January 2014

Recovery day... circuits! Janathon day 20

I'm sticking to my MK marathon plan, so today I went to circuit training. My legs felt OK after yesterday's run, just a bit stiff around my hips really. I ran to the shops after the school run to do a bit of shopping, so that loosened them nicely.

The brightest orange you've ever seen
The circuit class was a bit nippy because the heating in the hall wasn't working, so we were a bit cold for the first few stations. Had to keep my warm top on for the first circuit, which meant I couldn't showcase my new Folksworth 15 top immediately :(

Today was partner circuits, so we were working in pairs, one person would do 12 lunges (for example), while the other did ab curls. Once the lunges were done we swapped over. There were 8 paired stations, which we worked at for 2 minutes each, and we repeated the 8 again, so 32 exercises in all.

I've also done three planks today, so that's my daily plank out of the way before lunchtime :-)

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