Sunday, 19 January 2014

MK marathon: week 11 training plan

Last week...

On Monday I went to circuits for the first time in 2014. The class was a really good session and I worked myself hard.  

On Tuesday I missed my usual Pilates class because my daughter was starting Beavers and I thought I'd have to be there the first week. I didn't, so I went to both running club sessions. We ran 2.5 miles with beginners and then a 4 mile progressive run with intermediates. Good training. 

Because of the extra Tuesday run I cut my planned t
empo run on Wednesday and did some hula hooping at home instead. 

For Thursday run club I ran another 2.5 miles with beginners then a 5 mile steady run with inters. Taking it easy. 

Friday and Saturday were planned rest days; I walked and hula hooped on Friday and went for a 6 mile bike ride on Saturday. 

Today was the Folksworth 15, which I ran in 2:08,surpassing my aims for this training run. 

Next week's training plan...

Monday (Week 11)
Circuits (AM)

Running club (PM); a 2 mile run or speedwork


Tempo run (AM); 5 mile run with 1 mile fast, 0.5 mile slow

Running club (PM); plan says 6.5 miles, will do whatever everyone wants to do

Rest day (or Tabata workout)

Rest day 

16 mile long run

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