Friday, 10 January 2014

Not counting the school run: Janathon day 10

I never count my twice daily walk to and from school as exercise, because it's something I always do. But when I add a bit on, then perhaps it can count.

When I got to school I realised we'd forgotten to bring in something my daughter needed (a toy for the latest topic work), so I knew I'd have to come back to school later with it. As I was already on my way to the Post Office straight after the school run, I decided to make the whole outing into one long(ish) power walk.

Essential accompaniments for any legitimate Janathon exercise
So today's Janathon effort is a power walk around Stotfold for 30 minutes. Was lovely to bump into Lisa and Pete doing a power walk too (although they weren't accompanied by a stuffed toy sheep so it doesn't count).

I'm now baking choc chip cookies to take on tomorrow's long run. My friend Tracey started this tradition before Christmas when she turned up to a weekend run with homemade peanut butter cookies, a perfect way to recover after a long run! Because I failed so badly last Saturday at my long run, I'm determined to take food with me. So these are in case I start to fade, and if I don't they're for a reward at the end!

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  1. Good luck for the long run tomorrow - can't think of a better motivator than choc chip bikkies!