Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lunchtime run up Langford hill: Janathon day 8

I promised myself I'd go for a run today if I managed to finish the bit of work I've been struggling with. As I was nearing completion, a friend texted me to ask if I fancied a run. So we met up and headed off-road to Langford.

Another pair of muddy shoes

It's a nice route, one we sometimes do in the lighter evenings with the intermediate group at Stotfold Runners. It can get a bit overgrown towards the height of summer, but today we were struggling more with flooded fields and muddy paths. Lucky I have several pairs of trainers.

I forgot to restart my watch after I'd stopped it to chat to a friend I met on the run home, so my Garmin said 5 miles, but it was a touch further than that.


  1. a. I wish I had loads of trainers, they're expensive!
    b. What's Langford Hill? - a quick Google has a place in London, I'm rather hopeful it's something nice in the peak district although that makes me jealous as all my running is on roads in Leicester or Chester.

  2. This weather isn't great for keeping the trainers clean!