Monday, 27 January 2014

Home workout: day 27

For Janathon today I did the same Tabata workout that I did on Day 3, this time wearing Lycra (so no wobbling and jiggling).    

The circuit usually consists of eight exercises, but I missed the last two in favour of some arm exercises in front of Game of Thrones:
  1. bicycle crunches
  2. skipping
  3. press ups
  4. jogging on the spot
  5. squats
  6. ab curls
  7. bicep curls, tricep dips, and lateral raises
Press ups were woeful today, 4 sets were three-quarter and the other four were against the wall. I alternated skipping with two other cardio exercises, burpees and star jumps. Squats I did single leg and dynamic too. 

I also baked JogBlog's Janathon muffins, just because (I do like cake). 

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