Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#bikewatch: day 28 of Janathon

The end of January is so close I can almost touch it.

Tonight was running club and I took our faster beginners on a 2.5-3.0 mile run to Arlesey. Everyone did well and I think (hope) they enjoyed it and will just remember that (a) I didn't shout other than to warn of bikes and (b) I didn't make them run fast. Remember that! I'm nice really.

Pilates was good, lots of arm and ab work tonight, including roll downs, which are like reverse sit ups, and Zanna made me hold one halfway while she demonstrated the correct position and technique to return to sitting position (GOOD GOD WOMAN!), and squats-roll-down-push-up combos (AND REPEAT) that made me regret doing squats and push-ups on Monday night. We finished with some side-lying leg raises; with these you lie on your side with your legs straight (knees forward) and lift your top leg and then lift the bottom leg (at the knee) to meet the top leg. And try not to fall over. And then you lower it and raise it and repeat until your knee burns and then you hold it for 10 breaths, and you hope your 10 breaths is the same as Zanna's 10 breaths otherwise you have to hold FOR AGES. I'm quite pleased I can do these now without falling over and with my hand on my thigh and not the floor. I used to be rubbish at them.

We have Pilates homework too, we have to practise double-knee-folds and double-leg-stretches from double-knee-fold position (with arm beats, lifting and lowering arms from the shoulders not the elbows or wrists). They hurt big time. (Zanna was supposed to give homework to her 6:30 group too but she forgot, well escaped Kate and Julie!)

Double-leg-stretch position, looks easy...

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