MK Marathon 2014 plan

I based my 2014 marathon plan on Hal Higdon's Intermediate 2 programme, with some midweek fiddling courtesy of a plan on FetchEveryone that was based on a Runner's World sub 4 plan. Below is the training I did for MK Marathon; I started training the week after I ran Stevenage half marathon (and set my PB).

Brief summary:
  • Monday is a cross-training day in the Higdon plan; I usually did circuit training (or a core workout at home, although this tailed off in the last 2 months)
  • On the plan for Tuesday was a short run (<5 miles); I usually ran 2-3 miles with Stotfold Runners then did Pilates
  • Hal Higdon's plan says to do a long midweek run on Wednesdays, but I usually did a run incorporating speed training (5-8 miles of intervals, up and down hills, or at 10K pace)
  • On Thursdays, Higdon said to run a short distance, but I did the half-distance long run I should've done on Wednesday (20 mile Sunday run=10 mile Thursday run); this was mainly achieved by running a mile before I went to Stotfold Runners, 2-3 miles with the beginners, then a 5-6 mile run with the intermediate group, followed by a mile at the end if needed
  • Friday was always a rest day
  • On Saturday, Higdon said to do speedwork (to tire you out so you run slowly on Sunday). Rarely, I did the short run from Thursday; once a month I ran a 5K race; sometimes I did the weekend long run (depending on family circumstances); occasionally I swam or cycled; but mostly I had another rest day
  • Sunday is long run day in all the plans I looked at, but sometimes I did it on Saturday and had a rest day on Sunday (or cross-trained)

Week beginning Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nov-04 Rest 2 m slow
4 m easy 4 m intervals Rest Rest  10 m easy
Nov-11 Rest 7 m slow Pilates 7.5 m easy Rest 2 m slow 11 m easy
Nov-18 Circuits 2 m slow
Aerobics (30 min) 9 m easy Rest 12 m easy  Rest
Nov-25 Circuits 6 m tempo Pilates 4 m intervals Rest 10 m easy Rest
Dec-02 3 m tempo
2.5 m easy
5 m intervals Rest 2 m easy NHRR 5K 13 m easy
Dec-09 3 m easy
2.5 m slow
Rest 7 m intervals Rest 14.5 m easy Rest
Dec-16 Rest Pilates 8.5 m easy Rest 5.5 m slow Rest  14 m easy
Dec-23 Rest 6 m easy Rest Rest 12 m w/ hills 3.5 m hill sprints Rest
Dec-30 Rest 7 m easy 2 m easy 9 m easy Aerobics (45 min) 16 m w/ NHRR 5K Walk (30 min)
Jan-06 4.5 m intervals 2.5 m slow
5 m off road 2 m slow
5 m tempo
Walk (30 min) 14 m easy Rest
Jan-13 1 m  easy
7 m easy Rest 8 m tempo Walk (20 min) Cycling (6 m) Folksworth 15 m
Jan-20 Circuits 2.5 m slow
Swim (0.5 m) 2 m slow
6.5 m tempo
1 m fast 16 m easy Cycling (5 m)
Jan-27 Aerobics (30 min) 3 m slow
Swim (0.3 m) 6.5 m intervals 5.5 m tempo Rest  17.5 m easy 
Feb-03 Rest 2.5 m slow
6 m intervals 6.5 m easy 16 m easy Rest  Rest
Feb-10 3 m tempo
2.5 m fast
Rest 8 m easy Walk (20 min) Rest  Baldock Beast 13.1 m
Feb-17 5 m easy 5 m intervals Rest 8.5 m easy Rest 18 m easy Rest
Feb-24 Rest 5 m w/ hills
8 m easy Swim (0.5 m) Rest NHRR 5K 18 m easy
Mar-03 Rest 2 m slow
3 m intervals 9 m easy Rest 20 m easy Rest
Mar-10 Circuits 2 m slow
5.5 m tempo
4 m intervals Rest Rest  20 m easy
Mar-17 Rest 2.5 m easy
8.5 m easy 7 m easy Rest Rest  13 m easy
Mar-24 Circuits
3 m tempo
Pilates Rest Rest Rest Rest  20 m easy
Mar-31 Rest Rest 3 m tempo Rest 6 m tempo 2 m hill sprints Rest
Apr-07 3 m tempo 6.5 m easy Rest Rest Rest Rest  6.5 m easy
Apr-14 Rest Rest Rest 2 m slow
5 m off-road
Rest 14.5 m easy
Swim (30 min)
Apr-21 5 m easy Pilates Rest 2 m slow
5 m off-road
Rest 9 m off-road Rest
Apr-28 1.5 m fast
1 m slow
Pilates 2 m slow 2 m slow
4 m easy
Rest 3 m slow 2 m easy
May-05 MK marathon

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