Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Running club: Janathon day 7

For people reading this blog who don't know me, I help out at my local running club Stotfold Runners twice a week. We have two sessions on each day: a half hour "beginners" session, aimed at people starting out running (we start with run/walk schedules and increase until they're comfortable running for the full half hour); followed by an hour session for "intermediates" (aimed at anyone who wants to run for longer than half an hour).

Tonight I took our beginners group (who aren't strictly "beginners" because they can run 2.4 miles without stopping) on a 2.4 mile run. They did it without stopping ;-)

I had to dash off straight after beginners for my Pilates class, the first one after Christmas. I'd done a few Pilates exercises after Christmas because of my sore neck and shoulder, and I'd done press ups and planks, but I'd forgotten to do any back exercises. So trying to do spine twists and roll downs was quite painful :-( The worse part was having to do 24 press ups. Admittedly not full ones, but they're still difficult when you do them "properly" and slowly.

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