Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Trainers Please! It's Janathon!

New trainers! Adidas Supernova Glide 5
I don't need new trainers, but I never say no if I get the chance to buy new ones. Today we visited Sweatshop in Hatfield because I needed to swap the pair I bought my husband for Christmas. (His excuse for not exercising is that he doesn't have the gear. Well now he does!) Anyway, this lovely pair of Adidas shoes was reduced to half price, and they're pink! And neutral. So I bought them. They're going to stay pristine for a few more weeks, because I need to wear them for a special occasion coming up, but once that has happened I'll be free to run through puddles in them.

Getting back to Janathon, the day will come (probably around day 29) when I count the 1 minute running on the treadmill in the shop as my Janathon effort. Today is day 1 though, so I dragged myself out in the rain for a 2 mile loop of town. I paid no attention to pace, and I didn't wear my heart rate monitor, I just took it easy. I enjoyed myself, despite the rain and the wind. It's much better weather than last year, when I was struggling to run on ice and snow. 

I've weighed myself this evening too, to see how much damage I did to myself over the past month (first weigh-in in 35 days). That was fun. Now I'm off over to the World According to Sog to plan some salads...


  1. Loving your new trainers, what a great way to start Janathon!

  2. Love your new footwear too but quite frightened that you weighed yourself as I now feel I have to too… Looking forward to foliowing your Janathon efforts!

  3. I almost wish I could get away with wearing such shoes. Adidas supernova glide - my first pair of 'proper' running shoes with which I ran my first marathon. Ahhh the memories :-)

  4. I thought you'd bought your hubby pink trainers for a minute!
    Hope you enjoy Janathon, even day 29...