Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What's pink and black and round?

This is my hula hoop, which has lived in my garden shed for the past year because it really is quite large. It's weighted too, which is supposed to "help" (I did research hula hoops a few years ago but I've forgotten all the reasons for things now). I bought it here in case you are interested.

After Monday circuits, and the fun of hula hooping there, I decided to retrieve my own hula hoop and use it during Janathon. It definitely gets the heart going and therefore counts as exercise. Today I had planned to run 5 miles I think, but I did an extra run at club on Tuesday so I didn't bother (plus I was too busy anyway).

I did a minute of anticlockwise hulaing, and had several aborted attempts at clockwise hulaing, before going back to anticlockwise and managing another 2 minutes. I followed that success finally with a minute of clockwise hulaing; I don't know why I find the other direction so difficult, I'm sure I'm not that wonky anymore.

The last few minutes were spent with me attempting to hula while standing on one leg. I did about 30 seconds on each, but that was it. Then I clunked the piano with the hula hoop and decided I should quit before I broke any furniture.


  1. I have one of those too, mines pink and green. I find clockwise a lot more difficult too, all a lot of fun though ;-)

  2. If you like the hooping, Anita attends a class on Saturday mornings where they use weighted hoops like this one: