Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Swimming! Day 22 of Janathon

My training plan for today said "5 miles, 1 mile fast with 0.5 mile recovery", and this morning I had every intention of going for that run in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful at 2pm too, would've been a great run...

Work is a bit too hectic at the moment for me to be downing tools an hour early. So I skipped the run and I'm planning to go on Friday morning instead. It will probably rain on Friday.

On Wednesdays, my daughter has her swimming lesson after school. I usually say we will go early for a swim beforehand and then when she's in her lesson I can swim with my son (who is now old enough to be in the pool on his own). But this never happens, I'm usually too tired and can't be bothered to go through the hassle of getting us all changed. Plus my son has his swimming lesson on Thursdays, and I then have the chore of getting his stuff rinsed and dried in time. Basically, I'm lazy.

Today, my son went to his friend's house after school, so I didn't have him to worry about. So, I went swimming! I swam with my daughter for about 15 minutes before her lesson, to practise her backstroke (she doesn't poke her tummy up enough), then while she was in her lesson I swam lengths. I managed 32 x 25m lengths in 22 minutes, which is 800 m. Very happy with that. 

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