Friday, 24 January 2014

Yappy dog alert: day 24

I intended to go for a 4 mile recovery run today. I meant to go in the morning after the school run, but decided to finish some proofreading I was in the middle of. I meant to go at lunchtime, but didn't eat breakfast and felt too hungry to run 4 miles. Plus that small issue of work again. I meant to go at 2:30 pm, but I'd nearly finished editing a short paper and wanted to finish it before school pick up. I finally finished work and was ready to run at 3:10pm. I had to collect my children from school at 3:20pm. So I went for a fast mile through the fields behind school, thinking that I could cut through any number of footpaths if I was running too slowly and needed to get to school. I was doing well until a small yappy dog came racing towards me. It stopped, and I stopped, and it yapped at me angrily then ran away. I carried on running. It ran back to me and yapped again. This happened while the owner was loping slowly towards us saying "oh he doesn't like joggers". Yep and he should be on a lead if he does the whole barking and running thing. I'm not good with dogs and that was not a good experience for me. Anyway, made it to school with 2 minutes to spare, an 8:14 mile (if you take off the seconds I was stopped because of Mr Yappy).

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