Saturday, 25 January 2014

16 miles, more or less: day 25

MK marathon training today, and I had planned a 16 mile long run. Bearing in mind I'd run 15 miles at "slightly faster than marathon race pace" last Sunday, I intended this to be a slowish ramble. 

I packed my water carrier backpack with water, biscuits, my phone, and a gel for emergencies, and I wore my hat, gloves, Buff as a scarf, and my headtorch. I headed out to meet my friends (Tracey, Ed, Paul, and Simon) but soon realised I had a wet bottom, and my backpack was leaking :( So I had to run home again to drop off the water and retrieve a bottle. Glad I kept the backpack because I did need it. 

The route was the "usual 10 mile route" to Letchworth (which isn't 10 miles), but when we reached the A505 we turned off towards the golf club and ran through Willian. A new route for us! (Tracey said it was a great route, which I'm pleased about because it's one we will definitely use again.) Had to take off all my warm gear at this point because I was dripping.

Reaching Letchworth Gate, we carried on over the road down Baldock Lane into Baldock (rather than running on the Greenway, which we would usually do), down Weston Way, and then past the Orange Tree Pub and the Arena to pick up the Greenway again. I thought we'd have lost miles because the last bit wasn't the route I'd planned. But we'd run 12 miles when we got back to Stotfold. 

I was struggling to keep up with my friends in Baldock (probably from mile 7 onwards if I'm honest). I walked a bit through Stotfold with Tracey (who then went home) and then tried to catch up with Paul and Simon who had carried on to Arlesey. (Paul was supposed to be running back so we'd have met on the way.) Paul is the only person I know who can get lost on a straight road. So I never saw him again! (He's fine BTW.)

Garmin ran out of juice at mile 14. I stopped for water and biscuits and then ran-walked the last 2 miles with my phone recording the last few miles. Tough run, mentally and physically. I've had a few like this, in fact both were 16 milers, so maybe I'm jinxed?

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