Friday, 17 January 2014

Another "power" walk and "core stuff": Janathon day 17

At the risk of repeating myself, today I went for a walk after the school run (more than 1 mile, but I didn't measure it), stopping off at the shops to post the only Christmas thank you letter my children have managed to write up to now (it's a slow process, we will still be doing these in March at this rate). I bumped into my friends on the walk home, who were about to cycle to Letchworth together. It's put the idea into my head to get my bike out next weekend, or even tomorrow if I have time.

This evening I did some hula hooping in my front room while I caught up with Great British Bake Off. There's something quite satisfying about working your core while watching Victoria Pendleton make cake. I had to stop after about 10 minutes though because I kept hitting the sofa with my hoop and my husband got cross at me :(

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