Thursday, 30 January 2014

Run club vs running club: Janathon day 30

When I write about Stotfold Runners on Twitter, I like to say I'm going to "run club", because it's (a) shorter and (b) an accurate description. But SOMEONE got a bit cross once and said it's "running club", not "run club" (actually, they said something like "It's not Glee Club, Sarah.")

So what should it be? Running club or run club? Or running group? Or friendly people who run together and chat and have a laugh?

Anyway, at tonight's gathering of friendly people from Stotfold and surrounding towns, who like moving their legs in a manner that propels them forwards at varying speeds, we did 5 x 200m sprint intervals with jogged recoveries and then 1 km intervals. I like the idea of 1 km intervals. I like the first one (I even managed a sprint towards the end tonight), and I sort of like the second interval, but then I want to vomit and I vow never to run fast again. Tonight I ran the last two intervals slow because my left hip was hurting. And my right knee. And my right thigh. Stupid legs.

But despite the leg woe I did manage to set a CR on one of the segments. In your face MEN.


  1. Don't think I'm being over-sensitive here, I just want to know... Why the 'MEN' at the end?

    1. NMOAR, that was aimed at my club friends who tell me I'm slow cos I'm a girl.

    2. I figured it must have been something like that.
      One of the nice things about running - you don't know how fast someone's going to be until you race them. Glad you got to show them :-)