Sunday, 2 February 2014

17 mile long run, and MK Marathon week 13 training plan

Last week

Janathon finished on Friday, and I was so relieved! It's difficult thinking up ways to exercise daily without causing injury or burning out, but to then have to write about what you did too is tough. Particularly if you're just knackered and want to sleep. Hopefully I didn't post too many dull reports.

Last week's plan went well, I had to miss my usual circuit class on Monday because of work, so I did a home tabata-style workout in the evening. On Tuesday at club I ran 3 miles, then had my Pilates class. Wednesday I swam 600 m front crawl while my daughter had her lesson; I was pleased to get some more swimming into my training schedule, although I won't have chance the next few weeks now because of after-school activities that clash with her lesson.

At club on Thursday we did intervals, 200 m sprints followed by 1 km intervals. Quite hard, and I was nursing a sore knee so didn't want to push too hard. On Friday I felt a bit better so went out for a 6 mile (ish) tempo run, but some poor food choices in the morning meant I didn't really feel up to speed. I really need to remember to eat properly.

Saturday was February 1st, which meant I didn't have to do any exercise! A proper rest day. I enjoyed supporting my husband at his first FSOTM 5K in Letchworth, and some club friends ran the race too.

Long run: 17 miles

Today was my long run. After last week, when I burned out at 7 miles and felt like crap by 12 miles and had to run-walk the last 4 miles just to finish 16, I really wanted to have a good run. I'd taken a few lessons from last week: start slow and steady, don't get drawn into stupid speedy miles; and eat properly before and during the run.

I met my friends at 7:30 am this week: Ralph and Chris were running the full 17 miles with me, Ed came along for about 7, and Sarah, Scott, and Lewis ran 5 miles. I'd had chance to eat some breakfast before the run (for the record, crunchy nut cornflakes), and I had with me to eat some little Special K chocolate bites in my running belt (apologies to Ralph who I offered one to, they were a touch warm and damp...). I had an emergency gel (I didn't use it), and 1 L of homemade sports drink in my backpack (50/50 fresh orange/water and half a teaspoon of salt). I've recognised that I need to take in salt on my long runs because I lose a lot when I run (I can taste it on myself!). I didn't plan to burn out on this run.

We started off at a fairly easy pace. Some of the group set off at their usual 9 min/mile pace but I just ignored them and stayed behind running 9:40-10 min/mile. I didn't want to deviate from my plan! Also I've recognised that it takes me a good 2-3 miles to warm up and get into my stride, so I knew I'd be able to maintain their pace shortly. By the time we hit Baldock I had caught them up (or rather, the others had slowed down to let me catch up) and I was running comfortably. Unfortunately my breakfast (or last night's dinner) was causing some alarming rattling internal noises at this point, no external wind thank God but it must've sounded like I was hollow or something.

We said goodbye to the 10 milers soon after, and Ed about a mile later (he'd already run to Stotfold so had done 17 miles). We followed the Baldock Beast half course for a few miles, I'm already regretting entering this race (hills!). Stopped to remove a stone from my shoe, then again for a police car (which fortunately must have seen us so put its siren on), so mile 6 was the slowest we ran. But it's a sign that I get faster as I run, because the next 10K was my fastest of the whole run. Had to cross two A roads on this route (A505 and the A1! But we didn't die, fortunately.) but otherwise the roads were quiet, just a few cyclists and walkers.

Pleased that I didn't have any of the knee or hip problems that troubled me last week, I just felt tired in my hips by the end of the run, but we were maintaining 10 min/miles at the end. Enjoyed some great conversation too, Chris trying his best to convince me and Ralph to sign up for an ultra race, me discussing the Marshal Ulrich book I'm currently reading, and a brainstorm about the best way to train for a marathon :) At the end we all had a piece of Ralph's tea loaf, which was a perfect way to end a long run. I walked the half mile home eating it.

Next week

Monday: Circuit training
Tuesday: Beginners club run, Pilates
Wednesday: 6 mile run with 0.5 mile alternate fast/slow
Thursday: Club runs
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 16-18 mile long slow run

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