Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week 14 training plan

Last week

Circuit training was cancelled last week, and I took the chance to have a full rest day to recover from my long run on Sunday. At  beginners club on Tuesday I ran an easy 2.6 miles before Pilates, was good to just run and not think about pace. Wednesday was my planned interval run, 6 miles alternating 0.25 miles fast/slow (should've done 0.5 mile intervals but didn't fancy them!). Very successful so I was happy not to have to do a tempo run on Thursday at club, I ran an easy 6 miles in total. 

Long run: 16-18 miles

I was away in Blackpool at the weekend and had intended to run 17 miles from Starr Gate to Anchorsholme Park and back. But with poor weather forecast, and work favouring a day off, I decided to do my weekend long run on Friday morning. I had 16-18 miles in mind to run, and planned a 17 mile route along the Baldock Beast course. But my planned route was flooded and I had a lack of motivation and a touch of painful leg syndrome. So 16 miles it was. 

Next week

Monday: 5K (alternate slow/fast K) followed by circuit training

Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: 10k tempo run (AM)/core and leg Physio (PM)
Thursday: Running club
Friday: Rest/core/leg Physio 
Saturday: Rest/core/leg Physio 

Sunday: Baldock Beast half marathon

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