Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Midweek tempo run

I had planned a 5 mile interval session for today, and I decided to do this straight after the school run this morning. Set my Garmin to 0.25 mile auto lap and alternated slow and fast laps. Bit tricky running the fast laps at the start, since I was still in Stotfold and a bit hindered by school run traffic and people, but after the first mile I was away. 

Unfortunately I then had to contend with a headwind, and I really wasn't enjoying the run. Contemplated running home after 2 miles, when my fast miles didn't seem all that fast really. But made myself carry on, and I'm glad I did. Pushed on all the way to Wilbury Hills, making the run into 6 miles total. After about 6 fast intervals I ran two slow together in preparation to attempt three fast intervals together, which coincided with the Fairfield to Stotfold Strava segment. I'd been overtaken on this segment and another one by a club friend the week before and I wanted some glory back :)

Didn't feel especially quick on the run, but it was a good mental test to push myself all the way to the end. And I "won" my segment back, by 1 second. Makes the subsequent leg ache all the more worthwhile LOL. Reckon I can run it much quicker too, and I probably will have to next week...

Finished with a sprint up Brook St in an attempt to extend the gap on that segment between fellow club runners, but was a whole 9 seconds off my fastest. I even cheated by running in the road, so I must've been on form when I set my last time. 

That was today's run; yesterday was a 2.5 mile run-walk with beginners club, running for 10 mins and walking just 1 minute. A good easy run. 

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