Monday, 10 February 2014

Hello knee pain, hello leg massages

The past few weeks I've noticed my right knee is starting to hurt in the same way it did last time I trained for a marathon, but only when I run at a slow pace (usually on a run-walk with beginners run club). On long runs I'm aware my knee is uncomfortable and aching, but it seems manageable and just typical of running a long way (like the aching hips and calves I'm also getting). Initial mild panic I was about to fail at this marathon training lark has now dissipated slightly, and I have identified four "action points".

1) Restart the daily leg physio exercises (side-lying leg raises, clams, prone leg raises, bum clenches, squats, single knee folds)

2) Add some calf, hamstring, hip, and (more) core strength exercises to my daily home workout

3) Ice/heat my knee daily and use my foam roller regularly (but not straight after running)

4) Stop running slowly!

The No Slow Running will obviously affect me helping at beginners run club, I might have to only take the group that runs without a walk break, but remaining uninjured is most important. Maybe I'll have to start cycling alongside the runners.

Tonight I booked to see my friend who is a qualified sports massage therapist; she gave my legs a good massage, slightly painful on the IT bands and thighs, but she reassured me that I'm not too broken, just some tightness in my calves and thighs that I can work on with the foam roller and by sports massage (every 4 weeks). We also talked about my training plan, hydration during the day and on long runs, eating while running, and Vaseline. (It's good stuff.)

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