Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Speed training

Tuesday run club was speedwork at both sessions.

At the beginners session we ran to a local underpass and jogged down the slopes and then attempted some speed up the inclines. The beginners need a bit of encouragement to run fast. I usually use the "shout loudly" approach, although I was quite kind this time because we had some new club members and I didn't want to put them off. I didn't really achieve much speed, because I was at beginners in a "support role".

At the intermediates session, we ran to a local open road and did 4 x 200 m sprints followed by 2 x 400 m sprints. I don't like sprint intervals so I didn't really give it my all, blaming my lack of effort on "post-race recovery". The 400 m intervals weren't all that bad really, we ran 300 m and then had to "kick" with 100 m to go, and I did manage that OK.

Wore the New Trainers again, they are starting to feel like part of my foot rather than a tight uncomfortable lump of plastic.

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