Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Low HR recovery run in new trainers

I felt quite good on Monday after Baldock Beast, my legs weren't stiff and the only ache I felt was in my glutes, which is a good sign because it means I'm finally using my arse when I run.

I was at a loose end in the evening, my husband usually runs on Mondays but he was having a rest day because his legs are hurting him (I keep telling him not to run so fast...). I decided to go for a recovery run, keeping heart rate under 140 bpm.

My aim was between 4 and 5 miles, and I ran 4.8 miles in the end, to Arlesey and back (at running club, we call this The Arlesey Loop, and we hate it because it involves running to Arlesey, no other reason).

My first mile was a bit fast, and HR jumped to 160, perhaps I had some race speed in my legs still. I managed to slow myself down and ran the next 4 miles at 10-10:30 min/mile pace. HR was much lower than 140, sometimes I was struggling to reach 130, and I put this down to tiredness and eating my tea about 90 mins earlier (I had horrible heart burn and reflux, delightful). And being in Arlesey.

I wore my new Adidas Supernovas to wear them in a bit more, they are feeling less tight than last week (they hurt my foot a bit towards the end of the club run on Thursday), but I don't want to risk a run longer than 6 miles in them just yet. I might not wear them for MK Marathon in fact, my pair of New Balance have miles left in them and would be OK. We'll see...

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