Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sworkit baby! Janathon day 7

Today looked set for me failing to do any exercise and counting the walk to school as my effort. I've been busy with work and family jobs (mum taxi), a bit of cub stuff, and food shopping. I even briefly considered counting tomorrow's Pilates class as today's Janathon effort, since I'm going to be running in the evening.

Fortunately I have Sworkit on my phone and it sent a timely reminder at 7 pm that I needed to work out. I chose 3 workouts: 5 min light warm up cardio, 15 min full intensity cardio, and 10 min core strength.

This is the workout screen

I find working out at home is tricky because it's hard to get a sweat up and I typically feel dissatisfied. This evening I am sweating and tired!

Proof of my sweatiness

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