Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Shambolic "interval" run: Janathon day 6

Urgh. If ever a run could make you feel depressed, today's run surely did that for me.

This morning, while looking at my training plan for the rest of the week (3 miles today, 5 miles tomorrow, and 4 x 800 m on Thursday) I wondered whether I could amalgamate the runs somehow because I wasn't sure I could (or should) run on Wednesday. I had hoped my husband wouldn't want to go to running club tonight so I could do a run then in company, but he says he does so I knew I'd have to run on my own, but I couldn't face the treadmill.

I decided I would run 5 miles (ish) on Thursday with running club, so today I would do 3 or 4 miles, with 4 min fast sections (the 4 minutes being a guess at how fast I could run 800 m) and 2 min recoveries. Bearing in mind I've not done intervals for a loooong time, this was possibly a rather ambitious aim. Anyway, I set off and, almost immediately, the rain began. No point going home now.

I felt I couldn't discern much difference between my fast and slow sections (probably because I was all over the place pace-wise), I just felt knackered. By 1.5 miles I was feeling defeated and decided intervals was a stupid idea. I had to walk up one steep hill just to get some energy back. I made myself run most of the way back, only stopping near home to walk up another hill and give myself a right telling off for being weak.

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