Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Exhausting treadmill run: Janathon day 13

I had to get a run in today (my training plan called for 3 miles, or 4 x hills) and the treadmill was the only way I could manage it. I'm not sure why I hate running on the treadmill so much, I immediately feel exhausted, even if I'm running at 10 min/mile pace. Maybe it's the humidity, or lack of oxygen because I'm inside? Or just boredom. I always say I'll put the TV on next time but I never do (it would involve moving a TV for one thing...)

Anyway, I knew I had to get my run in between 6:15 and 7:30, while my daughter was at Beavers. After sorting my son's homework out, I had less than 30 minutes left in which to run. 3 miles was out of the question, so I opted for 2 miles at 11 km/h pace (around 9 min/mile). I managed one full mile at that pace but then had to slow to 6 km/h for a few minutes' walk, then back up to 11 km/h until the next mile was up. 21 minutes of running and just over 2 miles run (Garmin readout below is slightly wrong because I forgot to start my watch).

Heart rate was really high despite the slow pace, showing how hard I found the run.

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  1. Use your Garmin on the treadmill, but turn off GPS so it only records heart rate and, importantly, cadence. The treadmill may record that you've only run 2 miles but your Garmin will say you've gone further. Which is why you feel like you've gone further! I ran "8.5" K on the treadmill the other day, and, using my Garmin in this way, I actually ran 10K.