Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back to school: Janathon day 8

Pilates started again today after the Christmas break. It was good to be back; I'm in a new class now (my choice, I decided I wanted one evening a week when I wasn't rushing off somewhere), and I shall have to try to make friends with the other class attendees because I have failed at doing this with all my previous classes (not through being unfriendly but just not staying in a class long enough to talk to people!)

Anyway, Pilates was good, we had a good old stretch out and lots of ab and leg work. I was pleased the teacher didn't make us do press ups today because I'm a bit weary of them this week :) I suspect today was a gentle welcome back session and next week is going to hurt.

I'm writing this blog in my running gear because I am about to head out to my first run club session of the year too. My husband goes to Tuesday night sessions and I go on Thursdays; it works well apart from those days when he's late home from work (and then I moan at him a lot). He said there weren't that many new people on Tuesday so I'm wondering who will be there tonight. My plan is to run 5 miles but I know that might not happen if I have to take out a run-walk group. I can always run on Saturday morning if I need to get some miles in.

I'm also trying to coax some charge into my Garmin that I forgot all about and it's been on 6% since Tuesday. Whoops.

Rambling over, I'm off to lace up my trainers. Hope you're all Janathoning too :)

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