Monday, 12 January 2015

Playtime: Janathon day 12

For Janathon today I did an hour of circuit training (including warm up and cool down). Unlike last week's class, which was bodyweight exercise only, this week we had equipment to play with.

The class comprised 16 stations set out in groups of four; we did every "four" twice before moving on. I like this format the best :) Each station lasted 40 seconds, with 15 second breaks in between and a longer break after completing a "four".

I started with press ups, hamstring curls, back extensions, and star jumps. The equipment for the back extension was a bosu ball under the hips, to give extra range of movement. A great exercise for the glutes!

The next four was bicep curls, kettlebell swing, plank, and jogging. We used a resistance band for the bicep curls, a range of kettlebells was available (from 8 kg up to 20 kg; I used 12 kg followed by 16 kg), and a hand wheel for the plank (which I didn't use because my back doesn't like it). It was hard enough holding a full plank for 40 seconds let alone doing something challenging too.

The next four was upright row (with a resistance band), calf raises, reverse curls, and squat jumps. For calf raises, we use a raised step and scaffold pole (you hold the pole above your head for extra challenge). Normally on this station I have the balance of a weeble but today I managed to remain fairly steady and could raise and lower myself without incident. A nice stretch for my calves after yesterday's long run.

The final four was inverted row, lunges, bicycle curls, and skipping. We do inverted row with the TRX suspended system, it is my nemesis exercise but today I quite enjoyed pulling myself up and then letting my shoulder blades stretch out and relax, a lovely way to release some shoulder tension. I ended on skipping (with or without a rope, I prefer using the rope!) and managed the final 40 seconds without stopping, which is a record!

I was rather ashamed of my poor plank efforts so I will have to start doing a daily plank again I think.

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