Monday, 26 January 2015

Hill training with Ralph: Janathon day 26

I was busy at work this morning so couldn't go to my usual circuit training session. Instead, after I'd finished for lunch, I met up with my friend Ralph from running club, who had offered me the delightful option of running up hills together. (This session was payback for the 1 km intervals I "made" him do at club on Thursday.)

We ran about 1.5 miles to the first hill, which was a long shallow hill about 150 m long and 3% gradient (according to Strava). We ran as fast as we could up the hill five times, and I managed each repeat in 1 min 4 s (range 57 s to 1 min 6 s). We then ran over to the next hill, which was a lot steeper (5% gradient) but about the same distance (although the Strava segment is shorter than the distance we ran). My pace on these five hills was around the same as the first five, but with the steeper gradient I felt a lot more tired on them.

I showed Ralph a new footpath on the run back, always good to learn a new route! We ran 10K in total, a great training session.

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