Monday, 5 January 2015

Circuit training: Janathon day 5

Despite today being a school inset day, it was back to the old routine, and I booked onto my usual Monday morning circuit training class. Working out at home is great, but nothing beats someone shouting motivational words at you to make you push harder.

There were only four people at the class today, which made it feel a lot like a PT session. The stations were all bodyweight this week (ie, press ups, ab curls, star jumps, etc), except for bicep curls (various resistance bands to choose from). The first eight stations (one circuit) were all done at our "usual" pace, the second was done as slowly as possible (you try doing one press up in 40 seconds), the third was as fast as we could manage, and the fourth was at our "usual" pace again (which was probably slightly faster than the first"usual" paced circuit!).

It was a good workout today and I was exhausted at the end. Despite the Christmas period and extra pounds I didn't feel out of my depth, so obviously something is working.

Day 5 of Janathon is done!

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