Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pilates and punishment: Janathon day 22

This morning was my usual Pilates class. My back felt stiff and sore today, possibly because of all the push ups I've done this week, so I was looking forward to having a stretch out. My Pilates instructor spotted almost immediately that I was "wonky", she said "something's not right Sarah" and proceeded to watch me like a hawk and prod me every so often. She didn't ask me what I'd done though so I didn't have to admit to the push up marathon yesterday or doing Janathon or unnecessarily running 13 miles at the weekend.

I walked to and from Pilates, which was around 1.5 miles in total. Was good to get out in the fresh air instead of driving.

This evening was run club. I had a hankering to do speedwork, which was lucky because Pete said "let's do speedwork". His plan was to do 200 m/400 m intervals but I really fancied something a bit harder, plus I don't think people work as hard as they can over 200 m (they start fast then slow down), but if you say "run 500 m fast", they will at least run fast for 200 m and then slow down. That's my theory anyway! So I suggested 500 m/1 km intervals. We offered the beginners a Fartlek run over the 1 km distance, so they could vary their speeds without having to run all out, and the more advanced runners could do either 500 m or 1 km intervals. I initially planned to run 4 x 1 km intervals and then maybe 2 x 500 m, but my friend Ralph (who was a bit unhappy at the 1 km plan) made me run 6 x 1 km "as punishment". I was hitting sub 8 min/mile pace over the intervals, which for me is OK I guess (although I used to be able to run 13 miles at that pace without a break after 1 km).

Had a chat with Ralph about marathon training, he thinks I'm starting training too early, but I've just read my blog from around this time last year and I was already running 16-18 mile long runs, so I reckon I'm OK at 13 miles now.

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