Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Run after Beavers: Janathon day 20

If I could count helping at Beavers for Janathon I would, because I sure as heck didn't fancy exercising afterwards. But I did anyway, found it best to get changed as soon as I got back so I didn't have the opportunity to procrastinate and end up doing 5 minutes of sit ups.

I decided to run to Wilbury Hills in Letchworth, which is about 5 miles and on lit roads so I wouldn't need a headtorch. I also decided to try out my new trainers.

Oh my goodness,  I forgot to mention yesterday that I have new trainers! I have new trainers, Brooks Glycerin 11 in bright blue.

In view of the new trainers I also decided to make the pace easy and focus on foot strike and that sort of technical stuff I pretend to know about.

The pace was about 9:40 average and I ran 5.7 miles, which I'm happy about.

Check out my 5.7 mi Run on Strava: http://app.strava.com/activities/243785583  

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