Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Jeans Jogging: Janathon day 14

At the beginning of the week I had planned all sorts of fun things to do today. I had a 6 mile run on my training plan, which was swiftly removed because that's just a silly thing to plan midweek (plus I had work to do and a British Gas man coming to fix the boiler "between 12 and 6").

I thought I might create a custom workout in Sworkit and do that, but I had to collect first one child and later another from school, then a husband from the station, then make dinner, then go to a cub meeting...

I've just got home from the cub meeting, so I was running out of time to do anything for Janathon. I contemplated a dressing gown dash but that would've required my husband's assistance to video it. So while the kettle was boiling to make a cup of tea I jumped on the treadmill (in my socks, jeans, and hoodie) and ran at 12 km/h for 3 minutes.

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