Saturday, 10 January 2015

Garmin Swim test: Janathon day 10

I received a Garmin Swim for Christmas (I asked for a finger lap counter). Today was the first day I was able to swim (first day back for children's swimming lessons) and try it out.

We went as a family to have a swim. The pool was packed (New Year's Resolutions in force) so it was difficult to get enough space to swim properly. However, I did manage 500 m of freestyle, and I'm happy with that.

My Garmin Swim told me I swam at a pace of 2:30 per 100 m, which is a touch slower than the pace I swum my 400 m Duck N Dash swim leg in, but that accounts for having to tread water mid-length for a lady trying to keep her hair dry and a bloke who looked dead while swimming (I was actually expecting the lifeguards to rescue him at one point).

My daughter (age 7) swam 2 lengths of freestyle and 4 lengths of backstroke and crashed into the "dead" chap twice, which I was very pleased about.

If anyone has any tips on uploading Garmin Swim data to Garmin Connect, or any other third party website, using the ANT stick, I would be happy to hear them. The ANT stick is showing up but there is no linkage between devices despite enabling pairing and downloading the latest software.

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