Saturday, 31 January 2015

Football training: Janathon day 31

It's the final day of Janathon, I feel quite emotional about it! I've exercised every day, and only two days were something I'd consider "weak" (a short walk and some sit ups).

Today I took my daughter to football training. She cycled there and I ran alongside. Unlike 2 weeks ago, when I spent an hour stood in my running gear talking, today I ran around The Green where football training takes place. A lap is 0.25 miles, and I did 13 laps, turning after 8 so I didn't go lopsided or dizzy. I should've done another 5 laps because I still had 30 minutes of training to watch and get cold during.

We ran home a lot slower because we were both cold, and got home just before the snow started. And now I'm in the bath defrosting!

Check out my 4.7 mi Run on Strava:

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