Sunday, 2 June 2013

Juneathon day two: the one when I got a bit lost

I like finding new routes to run, it's one of the things I love about running. The freedom of being outside and having the ability to run more or less anywhere. It's great to learn about where I live too, to find out how roads link together or where a path goes (I've lived here 6 years and still get lost).

Today I wanted to run for 70 minutes, my training plan said I had to run it "fast" but I just decided to take it steady since it was quite hot. My usual 10K route would've sufficed, with "a bit" added at the end. But I'm getting bored of running the same route. So I cut across the Letchworth Greenway and headed towards Radwell Meadows. I took the lane under the A1 and ran along the A507 (on a small footpath!) until just before Baldock Services. there is a road signposted "Radwell only" and I've always been curious to have a look. My son did a night hike from Radwell with his beaver group, so I knew there was a path from there back to town. Could I find it though? No chance. 

After much running to and fro and pretending I knew what I was doing I made it home. About 6.5 miles total in just over an hour, my Garmin wouldn't pick up a GPS connection for about half a mile so it could've been further or shorter. 


  1. Inspired by your post, I deviated from my normal route and made it up as I went along tonight. I did end up doubling back on myself once or twice and added another half a kilometer to my route but I really enjoyed it. Thanks :)