Sunday, 16 June 2013

Juneathon day 16: Stanley Park

I was in Blackpool today for a family christening. We stayed at my in-laws' house, and they live quite close to Stanley Park. It's a great place to run, loads of paths, so you can make your run a bit longer by taking a detour. Or just run all the way around the outside, which is about 2 miles. 

I've run two 10K races in Stanley Park before, "bags of PB potential" as the racing websites declare, because it's quite flat. 

I intended to run for an hour today, but I'd been co-opted into helping prepare food for the post-christening buffet and in the end only had 30 minutes to spare. So I decided to run around the park once, with a detour thrown in around the skate park. 

Saw a spectacular pigeon road kill too. Feathers and blood everywhere. Must have missed seeing it by seconds. Also saw preparations in place for a cycle race around the park, which fortunately started after I was running, else I'd have been flattened by cyclists!

So that's my Juneathon for today, a 30 minute run (exactly 5K). I'm glad to be home now and back to proper running or exercise, instead of making it up on the hop. 

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