Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Juneathon day 18: running and Pilates (again!)

I think I'm becoming the "joke" in my Pilates class. The one who always turns up late, in running gear, sweating profusely, and needing the loo. 

I've decided I can just about fit in Tuesday beginners run club, if I drive there and make sure I'm finished just before 7:30. Usually we have plenty of help from intermediate runners at beginners (they come early and take a group of beginners, then run the later group too). 

Tonight no helpers came along, except me, so I took all the beginners while Coach Pete took the few run-walkers. We ran 2.5 miles through the fields, and everyone did really well. But the small groups became quite spread out so, towards the end, I had to run back and find everyone and make sure they knew where to run. This meant my last half a mile was rather fast (and uphill). 

I made it to Pilates though (at the local school). Had the most pleasant wash in the kids' toilets (paper towels, *shudder*). We did a few progressions today, and had an interesting discussion about Joseph Pilates and classic vs clinical Pilates. I'd googled him at tea time because my son was interested, so knew he'd developed his method during WWI. You can google if you're interested...

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