Monday, 24 June 2013

Juneathon day 24: trying not to dance while planking

Another Monday, another circuit class. This is now a regular thing because my husband has decided he wants to cycle regularly, on Monday and Wednesday evenings, meaning I will have to give up Wednesday circuits.

Enough of that. Circuits is circuits. Today we did 10 stations repeated three times. I started on inverted row (I don't like them so I try to start on them), moving on to plank (double ball), kettlebell swing (16kg), reverse curl, skipping, press ups (full and three-quarter), bicep curl, hamstring curl (one-leg, with scaffolding pole across my abs), ab crunch (with a 5kg kettlebell), and finishing on star jumps. 

Exhausting stuff. The problem I have during circuits though is containing my desire to dance when my favourite tune comes on. Today, I was trying to hold my plank while Sam and the Womp's Bom Bom was on -- quite tricky. I managed a small bum wiggle.

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