Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Juneathon day four: mile time trial and wobbly knees

A double-exercise day today. My running club was holding its monthly mile time trial tonight and I decided I could just about manage the 7:00-7:30pm slot before Pilates, if I ran fast!

I started the trial and paced the group to 10 minutes so people following had someone to chase, I then turned round and ran my mile. And my time (on my Garmin) was 7:20! I'm really happy with that. 

Pilates was excellent tonight, a lot of focus on gluts, hips, and KNEES. I started Pilates last September because of my IT band injury, with the aim to strengthen my knees. My physio said I couldn't do a squat without my knee wobbling. I'm delighted to announce that my Pilates instructor watched me carefully tonight on squats and declared No Knee Wobble or Turning. At all! Not quite fixed though because I couldn't managed one-leg squats very well. More practice on those is needed. 

At the end I requested the Prickly Ball in a future class (we were allowed to make a request!). The prickly ball is returning! Next week! Woo hoo :)

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