Monday, 10 June 2013

Juneathon day 10: Monday circuits

I very rarely go to Monday circuit training, I'm usually working. Today I decided I needed a short break from work after a stressful week last week, plus I have a dress to fit into this Sunday and its quite unforgiving. 

Circuits was 10 stations today (which we did 3 times each). Very core heavy, bicycle crunches, normal ab crunches, reverse curls, press ups, inverted row (which I always imagine as upside-down planks), bicep curls, kettlebell swings (I'm using the 16 kg weight now), lunges, squat jumps, and skipping. 

I took my own skipping rope too, I'm fed up of the skipping ropes at the class, either too short or too long! I got stick for bringing my own equipment, but I managed to skip for longer. So there!

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