Thursday, 6 June 2013

Juneathon day 6: uncomfortable running

Tonight was running club; I felt good and I was really looking forward to a run. Usually I'd go to both sessions, the 7:00-7:30pm beginner group (which I help with coaching) and the 7:30-8:30pm intermediate group. 

At 7pm I ran with my friend Sarah who has been running with beginners for a month or so now. We ran a 10 minute interval before we took a walk break and then just repeated that over our 2.5 mile route. During the run I started to feel unwell with stomach ache and by the end I just wanted to go home and lie down. So I did. 

And now I'm pissed off because I missed out on a good 5 miler that the inters did. I hate missing run club! Stupid body. 

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